How To Address Political Challenges in South Africa?

I think by now everybody knows that we are facing some serious challenges in South Africa. If you have read my post, “South Africa, Brace Yourself or Fight!” you know that the rumors that we have heard about the political and financial situation of the country and the government are in fact true. We have all heard about the desperate measures that the ANC are taking in order to salvage some of the support that they have lost during the past few years.

We have seen some political stunts by the ANC and other parties and associations that have the potential to cause a lot of harmful situations for the people of South Africa. To me, it’s clear that we desperately need to address all these issues. The question is, “How do we address these issues?” It is important that we deal with these issues the right way.

We have seen and we have heard how people are outright lying about a lot of things in order to win support for their causes. We have seen a low level of tolerance for the “opposition”. We saw that people demand things that just cannot be allowed to happen. It is clear that people have raised their expectations well above reasonable levels. The bottom line is that South Africa is in trouble. We need to take stock and we need to make decisions about all these issues. Each and every one of us!

The government is clearly attempting to disown all property owner’s rights across South Africa (Update: Apparently they did manage to do this although it is against the constitution and illegal). They want to control all land and they want to make big bugs in the process. Of course, there will be a lot of smoke screens and a lot of misleading factors involved but at the end of the day, many people will be very unhappy. Not only those that are taken from but also those that are expecting to receive. For them, it will come at a price. If the government is willing to go this route just to ensure their political future, what else are they capable of? The problem is that they are failing to see that this whole endeavor will impact our country very negatively and in a very bad way. It will influence all levels of society and it will have an irreparable impact on our economy. In the long run, it will benefit nobody. We will all pay a hefty price for this irresponsible move by the ANC.

The natural response is to fear, to leave the country, to be bitter and hateful, to show one’s disapproval, to fight back, to instigate bitter and hateful confrontation, to defend oneself and to get involved in causing more fear and more bitterness and more hatefulness and more racism. On the other hand, there are those who feel that it is the right way to go. They might decide to give the government their full support. They might decide to instigate even more actions and drive everything to a level of chaos that will call for desperate measures. As we all know that all these actions have the potential to cause a civil war. Some people are ready and willing to get involved in a civil war rather than lose their property. Some will not give up their possessions and they will rather fight to death trying to keep them. I am convinced that none of these routes are or should be an option.

The ANC needs to be convinced that it should follow more acceptable ways of ensuring health and prosperity for all its people. Nobody can take away from people, give it to others, and expect to live in a society where everybody will be happy. The government will cause a lot of damage, not only to themselves but to the whole of South Africa and all its people.

I have a few suggestions for the government, for political parties, for awareness societies, for the people of South Africa who are less fortunate, and for those who face the possibility of being stripped from their property.

To the government: Repent and take responsibility for your actions. Seek proper solutions for the problems that you are facing. Those that you created yourself and those that you inherited. Taking desperate measures is never an option. You are in power because of the will of God and you are responsible to God and to the peoples of South Africa to govern the country responsibly. Governments that govern their countries as they should will be popular (or at least respected by all citizens) and the people will be glad and they will find joy and happiness in their countries in spite of all the challenges and the less than desirable circumstances. There will be trust and respect and in the long run, you will secure your future. Repair the damage that you caused. It is not too late if you act now and if you act wisely. Repent and repair. Do not cause more damage. Serve and do not expect to be served.

Romans 13:1

Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

To political parties: Represent your members responsibly. Do not cause division and hatred just to achieve your political goals. You will find that in the long run, it will cause you more harm than good. Read the message for the government and decide to represent your members just like you should when you come into power. Even you are ordained by God and you are accountable to God and the people you represent. We will all answer for all our actions to God one day. Put the interest of the people you represent before your own. Serve and do not expect to be served.

To awareness associations: Do not run one-sided campaigns ignoring the need of others whilst only addressing the needs of the one group you represent. Run your campaigns responsibly. Do not cause hate, bitterness, and racism in the process. Be honest in your dealings with all parties involved. Do not build your campaigns on lies and misleading facts and acts. Build a relationship of trust in order to cultivate trust and sympathy, not only from your own members but also from the people in all other parties involved.

Your actions can help shape a better South Africa for all its people. Repent and change your ways. A divided South Africa cannot address all the challenges ahead. We need unity and we need to address challenges together. We need to seek acceptable solutions that will benefit all people of South Africa. Serve and do not expect to be served. Never forget that we are actually ambassadors of God and that the kingdom of God is more important than this earthly kingdom. Do what you need to do but do it responsibly.

To the less fortunate and those who feel that they have been left behind: Repent. There is only one way that will ensure your social and political well being and that is through Christ. He is the one looking after us. Never put your trust in a political party. Trust God. Be obedient and serve him with all your heart, all your soul, all your might, and all of your mind. You will find whatever you need in him. He is the one who brings prosperity. He is the one that will provide in all of your needs. Any political party will fail you and even the government will cause you disappointment.

We are not from this earth but we are part of the kingdom of God. Do not take part in irresponsible conduct. Put the kingdom of God first in your life. With God nothing is impossible and by serving him and trusting him you will gain much more than any association or political party can give you. If you really put your faith in him you will enjoy prosperity at all levels of society. You will lack nothing. Cast all your troubles and burdens onto Jesus for He cares for you.

To those who are facing the possibility of being robbed of their property: Trust God! Repent! Serve him and worship him with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all of your might. Do not trust in political parties and awareness associations. They will fail you. Cursed be the man that trusts in man, and makes flesh his arm, and whose heart departs from the LORD. You will be disappointed if you trust in man or in your own wisdom. We have reached a time and a place in South Africa where we can only trust God to help us and to deliver us from the challenges that we are facing right now.

Do not cause division by taking part in the actions of awareness associations. Do not even forward their WhatsApp messages. The majority of these messages have as foundation bitterness, hate, racism, and division. Many of them are outright lies. Trust only in God. Do not take part in hate speech. Do not take part in campaigns, awareness marches, and other rebellious, soulish, fleshy activities. It is time that we pray. It is time to repent. It is time to stand together. It is time to build bridges and to promote unity and reconciliation. It is time that the peoples of South Africa stand together and seek together for solutions for the challenges that we face.

We have all reached a crossroad in South Africa right at this moment. During the past few years, God has prepared the church for it. Please read the post, “Wees Gereed Suid-Afrika” that I have written more than a year ago. It was a call for prayer and spiritual warfare. God is standing ready for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit that will bring a wonderful change in our country. I have seen this mighty move in a night vision. It started off as a mighty explosion in heaven and it reached South Africa (rolled in from heaven) like a nuclear bomb. I could see right at my feet how the shock waves of this mighty explosion kicked up the dust from the ground. It was mighty, glorious, and tremendously powerful. In the night vision, it had the potential to change everything for the good in our country but we need to act first. We need to repent. We need to trust God. We need to be obedient, honest, and unified in our dealings with the other peoples of our beautiful country. We need to strive for unity, love, respect, and acceptance. We need to become one nation under God.

I cannot help to suspect that for those who chose to follow the advice that I have given in this post, things will turn out well. Those who ignore the advice in this post might be very disappointed.

Check out this message that I recently saw on Facebook. It sums everything up, it is absolutely stunning and it is the solution for all our problems and challenges in South Africa and yes, it is applicable to each and every one of us, including all the groups of people that I mentioned above:

What a privilege to be a Christian in South Africa. Thank You Lord.

We have the worst statistics of everything that is bad in South Africa. That makes our territory to work in and save souls for the Kingdom of God greater, we have very few workers in the Kingdom in South Africa. That makes our territory endless to work within the Kingdom. Thank You Lord.

We have no excuses to use all the fruits and gifts of the Spirit. Let’s gospel them all, love the hell out of them, set the captives free, heal the sick.

As a Christian in South Africa, we have no excuses not to follow Jesus and do all the good works and miracles He did. He said Whoever really believes in Me ” Must ” walk as Jesus did.

1 John 2.6 and in John 14.12 Jesus said, “Who really believe in Me ” will ” do the works I did and greater”. Is that good news or what? What a privilege to stay in South Africa as dark as hell, and God said, “Let light shine out of darkness, made His light shine in our hearts. He gave us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Jesus Christ.

2 Corinthians 4.4. So come on Church let’s shine our light for our time has come! Light is always superior to darkness.

– Pastor Robin

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