South Africa, Brace Yourself or Fight!

I have written a few posts about the challenges we currently face in South Africa. From the latest political developments to laws currently being introduced to silence the church of Christ, to the one-sided campaign of “Black First Land First”, to the “fake” one-sided farm murder campaign that AfriForum and the white farmers communities of South Africa have been running so fervently for quite a number of years already. All of these issues have the potential to cause a lot of hurt, damage, and turmoil in South Africa.

Since the ANC lost all credibility because of unprecedented corruption and the looting of State Coffers with impunity, quite a number of changes caused a chain reaction which resulted in a lot of shuffling and adjustments within all political parties. Virtually all municipalities right across our country are bankrupt. Escom is on the verge of collapse. Most municipalities are on the verge of collapse. Our health care is on the verge of collapse. All this is because of mismanagement, corruption, and looting. It is absolutely clear, the ANC has failed miserably.

As a last resort, the party became unacceptably aggressive in its policies in an attempt to hang on to supporters. In the process, they took the wind out of the sails of the EFF party by implementing almost everything that the EFF stood for. They are introducing laws that will enable them to take land from people without compensation. They introduced free education whilst nobody really knows who and how it will be financed. The ANC is desperate and their leaders are not ruling the country responsibly right now. This is a recipe for disaster. Disowning all people from their properties is irresponsible, wrong, and a very bad decision.

Not to mention the fact that all political parties in our country are dealing with a lot of infighting and disunity within their ranks. This complicates matters and is causing even more chaos. One thing is for sure, we are certainly in for a rough ride.

Organizations like “AfriForum” and “Black First Land First” are running totally one-sided campaigns with no regard for other people’s needs, rights, or circumstances. The campaigns of both these organizations are based on selfish lies, deceit, and of course racism and hatred. These campaigns cause even more fear, more hate, and more racism among South Africans and it is dividing the peoples of South Africa even further.

South Africa, we need to take action. We cannot sit idle and allow all these treacherous things to go on unchallenged. The Church in South Africa really needs to pray and we need to stand up and be the voice of God in order to protect our country from total collapse. This is a spiritual battle but we need to be practical about this. We are facing serious challenges on all levels of society but there definitely are solutions. It is not too late to stop this madness.

I wrote this post to bring you up to date with the true “State of the nation” right now at this point of time in South Africa. I also wrote it to inform you that we can do something about this.

I know many of you know Errol Naidoo of “Family Policy Institute South Africa”. Errol really has made a huge difference in South Africa during the past few years by addressing all sorts of issues solely aimed at promoting evil and chaos in our country. God really anointed this man. He knows what is going on in our country and he really received a lot of wisdom about the plans of God for South Africa.

It is of the utmost importance that you listen to an audio message that he recently made which is actually the true “State of the nation”. When you listen to this message you will not only know what is really going on right now in our country, you will also know what needs to be done to save South Africa and to protect its citizens. I think Errol certainly has the right solution to this problem. We need to act and we need to act now!

Please click on the link below to listen to his message. I call it “The real State of the Nation

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