Dictionary: 6 in 1 Book Collection

Hi everybody,

The holiday season is upon us again. ASR Martins Ministries has decided to launch an exciting Book-Combo-Deal like we never had before!

Paperback versions of the Dreams Symbols Dictionary, The Symbols and the Dreams Interpretation Course Manual are now available on Amazon.

This is what you get:

Dreams Symbols Dictionary 6 in 1 Combo: The Book that explains the principles that govern the Biblical language of symbols – The Symbols and its meanings – The Practical Interpretation Course Manual – The different digital formats of your choice of each of these books.

This is what you gain on purchasing this book collection:

1. The Dreams Dictionary contains almost three times more symbols than the free online dictionary. You will be in a much better position to improve your interpretation skills and to interpret dreams and visions for your family and friends

2. The Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course Manual is a step by step practical manual that enables you to put the theoretical knowledge that you gained into practice. It covers all the practical information and aspects that govern the practical aspects of dreams and visions interpretation.

3. All digital versions of all three books (Pdf, ePub and Kindle). You also have access to all future updates, so you will not miss out on the meanings of new symbols that are added to the dictionary from time to time.

4. Your paperback version can conveniently be kept right there next to you on your bedside table and the updated digital version of your Dream Symbols Dictionary on your phone or laptop is always conveniently with you wherever you go and can always be updated to the latest version, free of charge for life.

Follow these steps to purchase your 6 in 1 Combo Book Collection:

Step 1: Purchase the 6 in 1 combo-deal book-collection on Amazon.

Step 2: Either purchase the relevant eBooks for $1.00 on this page or contact ASR Martins on the Contact Us page. Complete the fields on the Contact Form and inform him that have purchased the 6 in 1 book collection, and that you want to download your eBooks.

Step 3: ASR Martins will contact you by email in which he will request you to send him your Amazon receipt to prove that you did purchase the 6 in 1 book collection. As soon as he has received your proof of purchase, he will forward the download links to you.

The material can be utilized to conduct Dreams and Visions Interpretation courses on an informal and formal basis by any Dictionary and Course Manual owner in his local area of residence or wherever he or she wants to.

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