Farm Murder Statistics in Perspective

I am so glad that Angus Buchan suggested that statistics regarding farm murders need to be judged in context. He did that the other day in Klerksdorp when he referred to the murders occurring in our black communities.

Murder statistics in South Africa:

Currently, 3.6/100 000 white people are murdered per year in South Africa. This is less than the world average of 6.9/100 000 people per year. It is almost similar to the rate of murder in Europe of 3.5/100 000 per year.

If we take all population groups in South Africa into consideration, the statistics are quite high. Currently, 31.8/100 000 people are murdered per year in South Africa. This is a clear indication that the biggest problem is within our black communities. People are sometimes not using the right statistics and they often fail to put statistics into the right perspective. This is what News 24 recently wrote about these statistics:

Almost 70 000 White People have been murdered by Blacks since 1994!” this is what activist Sunette Bridges Tweeted on Jan 13, 2013.

This caused quite a remarkable online spat between Bridges and several other Tweeters, including Afrikaans singer Bouwer Bosch, who questioned her astonishing statistics.

If 70 000 whites were murdered by blacks since 1994, it could have indeed been close to a genocide. For a time period of 19 years, such a figure leads to an astonishingly high number of 80/100 000 white people murdered by blacks people yearly. (10.6 whites per day!)

Bridges is but one of the dozens of people who have been distributing their own statistics and fear-mongering, especially aimed at an international audience.

No wonder these armchair activists get upset when their exaggerated statistics get debunked.

A letter in the PE Herald confronted the issue of white “extermination” and concluded that no such thing exists, causing quite an outrage amongst extremists.

Bridges and others have published various articles in which they stated the number 70 000 (murdered since 1994), but since the Twitter spat Bridges mysteriously edited that figure, without making a public apology or ever admitting she was wrong.

However, if you search the internet you will still find this figure of 70 000 being quoted everywhere. Bridges herself comments on a Rapport article on 30 December 2012, “Waarvan PRAAT jy? Is byna 70 000 blankes vermoor aan die hand van Swart mense ‘n mite?”

After many people tried to illustrate the flaws in the 10.6 whites murdered per day theory, Bridges and other “Death counters” suddenly started with more accurate research: In her recent blog posting, A year from Hell, Bridges now comes clean with a more accurate figure, and strangely enough, it does correspond with previous research done into “white murders”:

169 murders in 365 days.

If you do a quick calculation, you will discover that this brings the murder rate to 0.46 whites killed every day. This equates to 3.6/100 000 whites murdered per year.

A far cry from the 17/100 000 on the African Continent as a whole.

It is also less than the world average murder rate of 6.9/100 000.

It is almost similar to the rate of murder in Europe of 3.5/100 000 yearly. As clearly illustrated the issue of White Genocide does not have any merit.

Our whole country is a target, and we must find our collective voice and inclusive solutions.

Comparing this to the rate of murder in our country which is currently around 31.8/100 000, one can clearly conclude what others have been saying.

By far the likeliest victims of murder in this country will be the black population. In fact, if you do the calculation, only slightly more than 1% of all murders in South Africa are “black on white murder”.

Take into account that the white population is 8.9% of the total South African population.

To conclude:

Whites are 8.9 times less likely to be murdered than black people in this country.

There is no way that a white genocide can be proven based on current statistics, and also the recent revelation that the 70 000 murdered since 1994, was a baseless rumour.

We have a serious problem in South Africa, and I believe that one murder is one murder too many. Our black population suffers much more than whites do.

If we stand together as South Africans, and stand up against this atrocious rate of murder against all our people, and not make it a “race exclusive” issue, we will be able to probably achieve more in combating crime.

News 24

Out of context statistics and propaganda achieve wrong results

South Africans are bombarded on a daily basis with negative statistics and negative propaganda regarding murders on farms and on white people. Propaganda took out of context actually hurts us more than helping us at the moment. Within it lies even more dangers than we realize.

One of the problems is that international communities see these statistics and they are aware of the propaganda. This might, and I believe have raised concern among some of these communities already. The problem is that if and when they start investigating the allegations, they will find that it is just not true, for instance, the allegation made by Sunette Bridges (“70 000 whites murdered by blacks since 1994, indeed very close to a genocide”) was just not the truth. People still spread these fake statistics all over the internet. What if some international organization requires the names and the relevant detail of all these people in order to investigate and to check the authenticity of these allegations? What will that tell the international communities about the white Afrikaans speaking community of South Africa?

For our Afrikaans speaking readers, there is a very interesting 8-minute audio clip available (speaker unknown) that you must listen to (Plaasmoorde Optogte Ongewenste Uitwerking?). It is an excellent piece of work warning South Africans against the pitfalls and dangers of the farm murders campaign that the farmers of South Africa embarked upon a few years ago. The consequences of this campaign could be disastrous.

This type of propaganda only cultivates division, hatred, bitterness, contempt, and racism. In turn, all these emotions cause sicknesses and eventually spiritual decay. There is just no way that a child of God will receive eternal life whilst he fosters such emotions and such attitudes in his heart towards other population groups in our country. These emotions and these attitudes lead to eternal death. There is just no way that we can bypass this principle of the kingdom of God.

How should we handle this issue?

We need to act like Jesus Christ and His disciples did through all the ages. Stephen forgave his murderers whilst they were murdering him. When he closed his eyes on this earth he opened them in heaven. He did not lose his soul because of hatred. Like Stephen, we cannot be bitter towards other people. It does not matter how difficult it is, we always have to forgive those who hurt us. We have no choice.

As citizens of South Africa, we have to take hands with other population groups and tackle this problem together. We need to find solutions together. We are in this thing together. In fact, these people have a much bigger problem in this regard than we have. We are better off than they are.

I have no problem that AfriForum and people like Steve Hofmeyr attempt to address the crime issues in our country. We need to take action against crime in our country! We need to stop the killing of our people! But I have a problem with the way they do it:

They do it as if only white people are being murdered. They act as if only white people and white farmers are being victimized and they give no regard to other population groups in South Africa.

This way of taking action against crime in our country only causes division, bitterness, hatred, and racism.

They bring our children under a false perception. Did you know that most of our children are under the impression that there is a white genocide in South Africa at the moment? Do you know how much fear, distrust, and bitterness this cause among them? All this whilst this is all but a lie and a misconception! There is no genocide in South Africa! The statistics prove that beyond any doubt.

My opinion is that uncle Angus Buchan is on the right track. His recent outreach in Klerksdorp was a big success. God really did a wonderful thing in Klerksdorp. We must never forget that our battle is not against flesh and blood. It is never against other people. Our battle is against evil. Angus Buchan understands that we are fighting a spiritual battle.

It is going to be amazing! Uncle Angus arranged this meeting in order to address the crime situation in South Africa. If he can unite all South Africans against our mutual enemy we will win this battle. We will win it because if we stand together against this onslaught against our nation, we are stronger.

We as white South Africans should stand together with other population groups in South Africa. After all, they have a bigger problem with this threat than we have. The truth is not that this is an onslaught against white South Africans. The truth is that this is an onslaught against all South Africans.

If this problem is not identified correctly we will never succeed in solving it. For as long as Afriforum, Steve Hofmeyr, and other people make this a “white” problem and a “farmers” problem we are going to struggle with this problem. I do not deny that there have been racial-orientated murders on white people in the past. I know that people have been sadistically tortured and maimed but that happens all over the world. It happens with everybody including black South Africans.

The purpose of this writing is to bring a more balanced perspective on the killing of white farmers and white people in South Africa. We do need to discuss the true facts with our children in order to give them a chance to live a more balanced life in South Africa. We haven’t been fair to them. We caused too much fear and injustice with the way that we dealt with crime and propaganda in South Africa. The picture we were sketching about this threat and this onslaught against us just was not the truth. We did not bring the facts into a true and balanced perspective. Our children deserve to hear the truth. Nothing less and nothing more.

Let us look at the United Nations’ definition of Genocide:


The legal definition of genocide Genocide is defined in Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (1948) as “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

– United Nations (OSAPG)

There are guidelines provided by Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, the president of “Genocide Watch”, Virginia, in the USA which help to identify genocide. These guidelines, however, cannot be regarded as part of the criteria which determine genocide. The factors in these guidelines are things like race classification, symbolism, discrimination, organized polarization, and so forth. Although it forms the basis of genocide it does not always lead to genocide. Although the existence of these factors does not prove genocide, it does prove different levels of discrimination.

Any population group who claims that they are the victims of a genocide will have to prove that they are being eradicated and/or that they are being prevented from reproducing according to the definition expounded by the United Nations.

According to the statistics in this article confirmed by News 24, an average of 49 people is being murdered in South Africa on a daily basis. In comparison, 0.46 white South Africans are murdered per day as to 48.54 people of other population groups. The annual figures come to 169 white people as to 17,717 people from the other population groups in South Africa. As you can see there is absolutely no way that a genocide can be justified with these statistics. These statistics do include white people from urban areas as well.

AfriForum did confirm some statistics that support the statements made in this article:

Ernst Roets, Deputy Executive CEO of AfriForum, explained that, according to the records of AfriForum and TAU SA, at least 316 farm murders regarding which the information can be verified were committed during the past five years. However, Phiyega maintains that, according to the SAPS, there were “only” 271 farm murders during the same period.

Whether the police commissioner is being deliberately misleading, or whether the SAPS – through sheer negligence – is unable to release reliable figures on farm murders is not yet clear. That is why we have to find out the truth.”

AfriForum will specifically request the names of all the farmers who were murdered in the past five years according to the police — to determine which farm murders were not recorded by the police. The commissioner will also be requested to reveal the methods used by the police with regard to the gathering of statistics on farm murders.


In this report, they mentioned the murder of 316 farmers during the five-year period between 2011 and 2016. This comes to 63 farm murders per year which is actually very low compared to the rest of the world. We all know that just one murder is a very tragic occurrence. I think everybody would have liked to live in a world without murders and without killing. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen soon.

Why do we bring all these facts and all these statistics to your attention? Firstly because the facts and the statistics used by many people in South Africa are just not the truth. Secondly, because fake statistics and fake propaganda cause a lot of fear and bitterness among our children, our elderly people, and even adults. This is just not fair to them. It is just not worth it. We gain very little while we pay a very expensive price for that.

Yes, the crime rate in South Africa is very high. No, we do not have to live in the fear that we created with this propaganda.

Also read my post, “The Real Reason Behind The Farm Murders Campaign“. This campaign probably has nothing to do with crime.

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