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As a businessman who starts selling products to people in foreign countries, I had to look at good financial solutions in terms of banking.

When you start selling stuff online you usually sell your products to people living in foreign countries as well. I mean, if you do that there are just so much more opportunities to sell a whole lot more of your products. One of your options is to set up a virtual shop or an online shop in other countries, which might enable you to even broaden the scope of making a whole lot more profit. This all sounds wonderful but there always are some difficulties one has to face and overcome in order to achieve your goals. I am selling Digital books and I have experienced that some people just make things a lot easier for you. For instance; if you deal with a whole lot of foreign clients in foreign countries, how will you get paid by all these entities.

I must write a small post about a very great help and a wonderful solution that I discovered: Payoneer! As a South African this was a really good solution.  Foreign companies accept Payoneer because it is an international bank account. Some companies do not accept PayPal and this is where Payoneer comes in as even a better option for International banking solutions for all businesses and even individuals.  

Whether you’re a business owner or a solo freelancer, getting paid is critical. Traditional payment channels have risks and limitations – but luckily there’s a better option. With Payoneer you can receive and withdraw funds from anywhere quickly, at low cost, in your own currency and using the method that best suits your needs.

Payoneer made it very easy for me to receive payments. I receive payments from Payoneer partners to my Payoneer account automatically and immediately, with no need to keep tracking the amount.

Companies Paying Through Payoneer

Get paid from thousands of companies who chose Payoneer as their global payout provider.

Global Payment Service

Provides you with international receiving accounts to accept commercial payments from companies worldwide.

Billing Service

Request payment from your clients and get paid via credit card or bank.

Local Bank Withdrawal

Withdraw funds directly to your local bank account. You can even withdraw money out of your Payoneer account all over the world in the currency of the country where you using it.

Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard®

Purchase online and in stores or withdraw cash at ATM’s worldwide.

I have found that the best option for me was to use my Payoneer Debit Card to purchase online and to pay for goods in stores. You can use your Card all over the world at all times to pay for stuff and to buy stuff.

I tried it out and I am happy with this banking solution. It is completely free to signup. Try it out at the link below:payoneer

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2 thoughts on “Payoneer – International banking solutions”

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for the post on the Payoneer Card.

    I’m really interested in getting this card but have noticed that you need to have $30 in your Payoneer Account before you can order the card, but for some reason I can’t see the ‘Request Payment’ option in my account or don’t know how to request payments so that I can at least get the $30 loaded and order my card.

    I receive payments from a US-based company and have noticed that they are able to pay the money through Global Payments into a US-based bank account. I would just like to test the process first by adding some money to the card and see how it works.

    Would really appreciate it if you could provide me with some assistance on this matter.



    • I will be glad to help Stian. Because this request is about banking services and all details and information confidential, Payoneer needs to deal with clients directly. For further assistance please click on the link below (Payoneer offers a great support service):
      ASR Martins

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