‘n Praktiese aanbeveling om te bid

Hierdie gedeelte is ‘n uittreksels uit, The walk of the Spirit – The walk of Power, the vital role of praying in tongues, by Dave Roberson. Dit is ‘n praktiese aanbeveling om jou te help om meer te bid en effektief te bid.

From time to time I have been asked what I consider to be the most powerful way for a person to spend three or four hours in the Presence of God if that’s all the time he has to do so in a given week. After many years of praying and waiting on God, my answer boils down to these three basic things:

  1. Worship and praise (which supplies the sustaining power needed for the duration of our trials, trading our weaknesses for Christ’s strength)

  2. Confession of God’s Word (speaking to the “mountains” in our lives that need to be removed — sickness or pain, finances or torment, worry or fear, etc.)

  3. Praying in tongues (the supernatural language that not only edifies but supplies revelation knowledge)

You see, it isn’t the general messages that you hear a minister preach for an hour each week that will change your life. The anointed teacher or pastor can only supply some of the information required for needed change. But the real change comes when in the privacy of your own home, you apply the Word to the problems you are facing. Your life is transformed in direct proportion to the private time you spend praying in the Spirit and in confession of the Word and worship.

Now, it’s important to understand that the guidelines I’m about to give you for spending time with God are just that — guidelines. They are not a set formula that you must follow to the letter in order to enjoy fellowship with the Father. Just follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as you develop these three areas in your walk with God. As you do, you will enjoy a new dimension of answered prayer and a strong, continual awareness of God’s Presence.

The First Hour: Worship

The first hour I would enter God’s Presence in worship, praise, and thanksgiving. I’d say, “Here I am, Father. I don’t have any needs to present, because all of my needs were met at the Cross two thousand years ago. I’m just here to fellowship with You because You’re my Father and I’m your child. I’m going to ascend on Your holy hill and see how high I can go praising and worshiping You.”

My goal is to develop a relationship with God based on fellowship instead of need.

Too many times believers enter into God’s Presence only when they are instructed to do so in church or when they need something. But one of the highest forms of worship is to enter into His Presence in our private lives to praise and worship Him as our Heavenly Father simply because our name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

God is exceedingly glad that we are His children and that He is our Father. And as a Father who enjoys His children, He wants to spend time with us fellow-shipping around His throne. He likes it when we lift up holy hands and tell Him just how much we love Him in pure fellowship. So how do we enter the Presence of God? Well, the Holy Spirit was sent to glorify Jesus (John 16:14). His entire ministry is to bring you into Jesus’ Presence. Then Jesus in turn brings you into the Presence of the Father. And the same principles Jesus taught His disciples about entering into the Father’s Presence applies to entering the Presence of Jesus.

Jesus said, “When you pray, say, …Our Father which art in Heaven,Hallowed be thy name (Matt. 6:9). That word “hallowed” means to sanctify His Name in our lives, raising it high above everything else. It means to enter His Presence with reverent worship.

Hypothetically speaking, we are always in God’s Presence. We have Jesus’ Name. We can petition God at any moment of the day. But when we have time to enter the Presence of God with protocol, then let me tell you right now, there is a way that pleases Him. First of all, there is a way to offer myself to God in private worship. The first part of me I should offer up before Him is my soul — my intellect, my will, and my emotions. I may not feel like offering up my soul to God. No one may be leading me to do so. A band doesn’t follow me around, creating an atmosphere for worship. I don’t always have a cassette or a compact disc available to play worship music for me. But when I enter into God’s Presence offering my soul, I almost always end up worshiping Him in spirit.

Secondly, when I come before Him, I am to show Him respect. An ambassador will show honor to an earthly king by bowing before him and offering him gifts. How much more should I show respect as I enter the Presence of the King of Kings with the offering of my soul? Sometimes we forget whose Presence we are entering into. Yes, Jesus is our best Friend. Yes, He is our Confidant. But when we approach Him with a petition or with worship, He is our High Priest, and He deserves our highest honor and respect. For that very reason, it is highly important that we do not let our soul wander off down the street to solve some problem when it is supposed to be worshiping the King of Kings. If we want our soul to be blessed by the King, then we must keep our soul in the Presence of the King. To do otherwise would be highly disrespectful, to say the least.

The Second Hour: Confession of God’s Word

Then I would spend my second hour with the Lord reconciling the problem I’m currently facing to the Cross. How? By replacing with the words of my mouth the image of the problem that the devil sends my way with the image that is in the Word. That is my inheritance and my right as a believer.

As I entered the second hour, I’d say, “Father, I thank You that devils are subject to me. I thank You that disease, which is caused directly or indirectly by devils, is subject to me in Your Name. I thank You that I have been delivered from poverty and that it is also subject to me in Your Name. I thank You for all these things, Father.

Now if You will excuse me, Father, the devil is invading my territory. So I’m going to use the faith and the Word You have given me to meet that invasion head-on with the power of confession.

You said that if I do not doubt Your Word with my heart and if I confess it with my mouth, the same incredible power that wrought the most phenomenal miracle of all, the rebirth, will also operate to remove my mountain.” So I would spend the next hour hurling the confession of God’s Word directly at my problem. I’d talk to that mountain in my life the same way Jesus talked to the fig tree in Mark 11:14.

For example, if I was dealing with financial lack, I’d confess something like this over and over: “Poverty, you have been reconciled to the Cross. Jesus Himself has borne my poverty by an act of grace. Though He was rich, for my sake He became poor that I through His poverty might be made rich [2 Cor. 8:9]. “Do you hear me, poverty? I have a covenant with God. You cannot stay in my life. You are cursed. You are leaving my life!

And, prosperity, I call you in from the north, the south, the east, and the west! Finances, I command you to increase! I am enforcing my rights as a believer by a gift God has given me — the confession of faith in His Word!” For that entire second hour, that’s how I would talk to that mountain of poverty, cursing it and commanding it to move out of my life.

I’ve had the time of my life just picking on the devil, doing exactly what I’ve just described. I don’t think anything makes him more upset!

Now, someone may say, “I can understand worshiping God for an hour, but isn’t confessing the same thing over and over to your problem a form of begging?” No, it isn’t. You are begging God when you ask Him again and again for something He has already provided, such as healing or deliverance from an addiction that has kept you in bondage.

Confessing the Word of God is using the faith God has already put in your heart to enforce what He has already said about your problem. Once we have prayed the prayer of faith over the problem, we are not to talk to God about the problem — we are to talk to the problem about God!

The Third Hour: Praying in Tongues

Finally, as I entered the third hour I’d say, “Well, Father, I have reconciled that problem to the Cross. I have aggressively wielded the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, this last hour and have changed a few things in the Spirit. I thank You that I have received my answer.

But now will You excuse me, Father? I need a little edification, a little strengthening of my spirit man, a little praying out of the mysteries of Christ.”

Then I’d spend that third hour praying in tongues. I’d just lie down, sit down, or walk back and forth, building myself up on my most holy faith as I prayed in the Holy Ghost. When you do that, many times you will start feeling so edified that you won’t want to quit!

You’ll say, “I think I will tag another hour of praying in tongues onto this one!”

You see, I have found something I can do during that third hour on purpose, just because I want to, that carries a promise from God to edify the part of me in which I’m not supposed to doubt — my heart.

What am I saying as I pray? Most of the time I don’t know because my understanding is unfruitful. But I do know that my spirit is communicating divine secrets and mysteries before the Father and that I am building myself up on my most holy faith in my inner man, or my heart. So if I had only one three-hour time period that I could spend with the Lord during a week, that would be the way I would spend it. If for some reason I only had one hour that I could spend in prayer that week, I would break it into three segments of twenty minutes apiece for worship, confession, and praying in tongues. All three kinds of prayer are designed to benefit you and to make you receptive to the finished work of the Cross.images

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