Understanding The Prophetic Times We Live In


Understanding The Prophetic Times We Live In (Pdf, ePub, Kindle)

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During the morning hours of Tuesday, June 2, 2015, the Lord Jesus Christ instructed me to write this report. He called it a “report” because He wanted me to write it as a “report of imminent events”. This book is a must read to those who wish to understand the prophetic times we live in. The aim of this book is to bring clarity in the lives of God’s people. It is to counter confusion in the lives of many Christians regarding the end times, especially regarding the prophetic time we live in at this moment.

The Roman Catholic Church really caused a lot of damage in the church of Christ regarding end times doctrines. What many Christians do not realize is that false end times doctrines cause bondage in the church of Christ. This book will set you free.


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