Is sicknesses and diseases from God?

We are not subject to all sorts of calamities and sicknesses out of our control. No, God gave us full control over our lives when He delegated His power and authority to us. We always have a choice. We can always choose the blessing or the curse. We can always choose life or death. It is solely up to us! We do not have to believe these lies anymore. We are free indeed!

Parent compass

Parent Compass television launched an online web series about Christian parents who will share the struggles and joys of raising godly children in a changing culture. The twelve part series began on May 20, 2016. Families will open up their hearts and homes to talk about marriage, child-rearing, and faith.

Unity in marriage

In marriage unity can only be reached through submission. There is no other way. This is the only way. People make a lot of statements about unity in marriage. A lot is said about unity and a lot is said about submission. If one go and analyze all these statements it all comes down to the same thing and that is “equal rights” and “equal say” in marriage.

Encouragement to the called!

Have you been called? Did you count the cost of your calling? It is not going to be easy you know!? Today I want to encourage you who started the walk of faith. You who have heard God’s calling and decided to follow Him wherever He may go. Yes, it is going to be difficult but you are going to make it! God will not forsake you and He will not leave you! He will not allow you to be defeated! He just loves you too much! He knew that you were going to struggle and He knew that you were going to question a lot of things.