Biggest Shock of Your Life!

Biggest Shock of Your Life!

I am going to be a bit naughty today! First I am going to scare you a bit! Then I am going to make you shiver a bit! Then I am going to give you the shock of your live!

Are you ready?

Some of the emotions that I mentioned above did go through my poor human soul a few times when I pondered on this subject. Just the other day two videos that I watched on You-tube triggered it off again. The first video that I watched was a short 3 minutes recording of a debate between Kent Hovind and Reinhold Schlieter, a professor with a doctorate degree. You can watch it here, its is absolutely worth watching!

This made me think of another video I once watched that had a big impact on me, especially when you watch it on a smart phone. You can watch that video here. This video is also worth watching.

(Please watch both videos before you proceed reading this post)

A few days after watching these videos, I went to pray, something I do every time when I go for a stroll….

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